Harvest Valley Farm’s CSA program is a unique way of getting seasonal fresh fruits and vegetables for your family. It's like going to a farmers market (except you don't need any cash).

If you have any questions regarding our CSA, and do not wish to ask it through e-mail, please call Art @ 724-816-0853.

Farm or R.A.W. Training Pick-Up
Members are able to choose a certain amount of produce from a display which is set up like a farmers’ market stand.
Market Share CSA

Pickup is at the East Liberty Farmers Farmers Market, Mondays from May 15 to Nov. 20, 3pm to 7pm.  No requirement to come every week.
Raw pickup CSA. It is setup just like a farmers’ market.
CSA  Share (Around August 1st)

There are three types of memberships available:

Regular Membership will normally receive 7 items every week for 23 weeks. (23 pickup days)

Large Membership will normally receive 8 items every week for 23 weeks. (23 pickup days)

Half Share Membership receives a "Regular Share" every other week for 22 weeks. (11 pickup days)

(An item might be: 6 ears of corn, 3 tomatoes, .9 lb. of green beans … etc.)

(Some items count as "two items", depending on their value, such as a quart of strawberries) 

Regular Membership - $550.00 ($23.91/ week)

Large Membership - $610.00 ($26.52/ week)

Half Share Membership - $285.00 ($25.90/ week)

There are several different Payment Plans for each of these Memberships. Payments can be made by check (preferred), credit card or Dwolla. Click “Online Membership Sign-up” below for more details.

Online Membership Sign-up
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Market Share CSA   
Pickup at the East Liberty Farmers Market. Here is how it works: You make a deposit (minimum 200.00) by check, come to the farmers market and choose whatever amount of fruits and vegetables you want. We keep track of your balance. There is no set pickup amount. No need to bring cash. If you still have money left at the end of the year, we will refund it.

Pickup at
The Farm
 125 Ida Lane, Valencia, PA 16059


 R.A.W. Training
2330 Wildwood Road, Gibsonia, PA 15044
This CSA allows local members to personally choose their vegetables. The setting is more like a farmers’ market. We display the vegetables on tables in an area set aside for CSA, members get to pick out the vegetables they’d like to have in their share. The number of an item depends on the product’s value, for example: 3 cucumbers is equal to one item, while one bag of spring mix lettuce equals one item. The number of each particular vegetable which constitutes an item is clearly posted. One of us are always there if anyone has questions. Each week there are two “mandatory choices.” These are vegetables that we have a large supply of when they reach their main season crop. 

Pickup Times, Farm
Pickup Every Monday, 3 to 7 pm or Tuesday, 2 to 6 pm , June 5,6, 2016 to Nov. 6,7, 2017 (23 weeks) 
(You must pick one of these two days, during sign-up, and pickup on the same day all season long.)

Half Share Members
will receive an e-mail, between May 15th - June 9th determining whether you are Week A or Week B. This "Week A or B" e-mail is Extremely Important for Half Share Members. Whether you are Week A or Week B is randomly determined by our automated online database system.

All Half Share Members pickup 11 times in the season. Picking up every other week starting at the dates below.

Half Share 2016 Season

Week A Starts
June 12th or 13th.

Week B starts
June 19th or 20th.

Pickup Times, R.A.W. Training 
2330 Wildwood Road, Gibsonia, PA 15044

Pickup is Wednesdays 3pm to 6:30 pm, June 7 to Nov. 8 (23 weeks)

Half Share Members
will receive an e-mail, between May 15th - June 9th determining whether they are Week A or Week B. This "Week A or B" e-mail is Extremely Important for Half Share Members. Whether you are Week A or Week B is randomly determined by our automated online database system.

All Half Share Members pickup 11 times in the season. Picking up every other week starting at the dates below.

Half Share 2016 Season

Week A Starts
June 14th.

Week B starts
June 21nd.


Cheese CSA
Local Farm Creameries Cheese Share
We are adding a cheese share to the mix! You can get some awesome grass fed, local cheese every week with your share. We source the cheese exclusively from independent family owned creameries in Western, PA.

We are offering 8oz packages of cheese for $7.50. Total cost for 8oz of cheese for 22 weeks is 165.00, and 85.00 for bi-weekly half share members for 11 weeks.
Below is the list of cheeses we're offering during this season.

1. “Homesteader” – Gibsondale Cheese Co., New Castle, PA    Semi-soft cow’s milk cheese with mild sweet cream flavor, a simple and versatile raw milk “farmers-style” cheese great for snacking, pizza, lasagna, and more
2. "
Bamboozle" - Goat Rodeo Dairy, Allison Park
Semi-soft texture with notes of proscuitto and pears, this washed rind raw goat’s milk cheese is aged for at least four months and washed with beer from Roundabout Brewery.

3. “Meadow Delight” - Gibsondale Cheese Co.  New Castle, PA   Semi-soft cow’s milk cheese with a high-moisture content and a hint of tang; a Colby-style cheese made of raw milk, very versatile, a milder Mild Cheddar substitute
4. “Venus Havarti” - Milky Way Meadows, Townville, PA  Semi-hard cow’s milk cheese with a buttery flavor and dense mouth-feel; made of raw milk, has small “eyes” or holes, perfect for melting onto a sandwich
5. “Goat Milk Chèvre” – Goat Rodeo , Allison Park, PA   Soft goat’s milk cheese with a tangy flavor and fluffy mouth-feel; made with pasteurized milk, spreads and crumbles well, can be enjoyed alone or alongside preserves/honey on a baguette, sprinkled over a beet salad, or baked into a fruit tart
6. "Kiss of Kerry"  Gibsondale Cheese, New Castle, PA   
Similar to mild cheddar but richer like Gouda.
7. "More Cowbell" - Goat rodeo, Allison Park, PA
A soft ripened cheese with a snowy white rind and straw colored paste made with beautiful cow’s milk from nearby Le-Ara Farms. The soft creamy interior has earthy flavors of butter and button mushrooms.

8. "Frew Mill Fire" - Gibsondale Cheese co.  Pepper jack cheese made with dried jalpenos. A great mix that will wake up that tired sandwich. 
9. "Hootenanny" - Goat Rodeo, Allision Park, Pa
A gouda style cheese made from spring and summer goat’s milk, Hootenanny is supple with notes of hickory nuts and wild flowers. Pairs well with crisp white wine or an amber ale. If you don’t eat it hand to mouth, it melts into an amazing grilled cheese.

10. “Pirate Blue” – Clover Creek Cheese Cellar, Williamsburg, PA o Medium-hard cow’s milk blue cheese with a creamy-yet-crumbly texture and pungent aroma; made with raw cow’s milk; slightly sharp, great on cheese plates or crumbled over salads; also pairs well with honey, pears, etc.
11. "Cheddar"  Clover Creek Cheese Cellars, Williamsburg, PA 
Combined with a mixed breed herd of cows that give us the right butterfat and protein we created a different taste. We have tweaked our recipe for full flavor and you won’t believe what your taste buds are exclaiming. We sell this style at two to three months old for a milder flavor.
Included Extras
  • On-Farm and R.A.W. Training members will have access to local meats (free range whole chickens, grass-fed beef, and pastured pork) from two other local farmers. You will be notified when these become available in the weekly newsletter. 
  • Weekly Newsletter (Weekly update on farm/crop/employee progress, “vegetable of the week” post-harvest handling info, recipe of the week)
  • Annual CSA Farm Tour ( All members of our CSA program are invited to our farm twice a year. We farm three different farms all within 4 miles of our home farm. The large group is split up into three different groups. Each group will then go to their designated farms and take an educational hayride lead by one of us farmers. This is a very popular event that members look forward to in July.