Harvest Valley Farm’s CSA program is a unique way of getting seasonal fresh fruits and vegetables for your family. It's like going to a farmers market (except you don't need any cash).

If you have any questions regarding our CSA, and do not wish to ask it through e-mail, please call Art @ 724-816-0853.

Farm or R.A.W. Training Pick-Up
Members are able to choose a certain amount of produce from a display which is set up like a farmers’ market stand.
Raw pickup CSA. It is setup just like a farmers’ market.
CSA  Share (Around August 1st)

There are three types of memberships available:

Regular Membership will normally receive 7 items every week for 23 weeks. (23 pickup days)

Large Membership will normally receive 8 items every week for 23 weeks. (23 pickup days)

Half Share Membership receives a "Regular Share" every other week for 22 weeks. (11 pickup days)

(An item might be: 6 ears of corn, 3 tomatoes, .8 lb. of green beans … etc.)

(Some items count as "two items", depending on their value, such as a quart of strawberries or a pound of grass fed beef) 

Regular Membership - $550.00 ($23.91/ week)

Large Membership - $610.00 ($26.52/ week)

Half Share Membership - $285.00 ($25.90/ week)

There are several different Payment Plans for each of these Memberships. Payments can be made by check (preferred), credit card or Dwolla. A $100 deposit is requested at sign up. (you can mail a check for this), or you can pay by credit card and set up automatic payments over three months. Click “Online Membership Sign-up” below for more details.
‚ÄčAll payments must be completed by no later than August 1st.

Online Membership Sign-up
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Pickup at
The Farm
 125 Ida Lane, Valencia, PA 16059


 R.A.W. Training
2330 Wildwood Road, Gibsonia, PA 15044
Our CSA allows local members to personally choose their vegetables. The setting is more like a farmers’ market. We display the vegetables on tables in an area set aside for CSA, members get to pick out the vegetables they’d like to have in their share. The number of an item depends on the product’s value, for example: 3 cucumbers is equal to one item, while one bag of spring mix lettuce equals one item. The number of each particular vegetable which constitutes an item is clearly posted. One of us are always there if anyone has questions. Each week there are two “mandatory choices.” These are vegetables that we have a large supply of when they reach their main season crop. 
Remember that you will have pastured eggs and grass fed beef available as part of your share every week.

Pickup Times, Farm
125 Ida Lane, Valencia
Pickup Every Monday, 3 to 7 pm or Tuesday, 2 to 6 pm , June 3,4, 2018 to Nov. 4,5, 2018 (23 weeks) 
(You must choose one of these two days, during sign-up, and pick up on the same day all season long.)

Half Share Members
will receive an e-mail, between May 15th - June 6th determining whether you are Week A or Week B. This "Week A or B" e-mail is Extremely Important for Half Share Members. Whether you are Week A or Week B is randomly determined by our automated online database system.

All Half Share Members pickup 11 times in the season. Picking up every other week starting at the dates below.

Half Share 2018 Season

Week A Starts
June 10th or 11th.

Week B starts
June 17th or 18th.

Pickup Times, R.A.W. Training 
2330 Wildwood Road, Gibsonia, PA 15044

Pickup is Wednesdays 3pm to 6:30 pm, June 5 to Nov. 6 (23 weeks)

Half Share Members
will receive an e-mail, between May 15th - June 9th determining whether they are Week A or Week B. This "Week A or B" e-mail is Extremely Important for Half Share Members. Whether you are Week A or Week B is randomly determined by our automated online database system.

All Half Share Members pickup 11 times in the season. Picking up every other week starting at the dates below.

Half Share 2018 Season

Week A Starts
June 12th.

Week B starts
June 19th.


Cheese CSA
Local Farm Creameries Cheese Share
We are adding a cheese share to the mix! You can get some awesome grass fed, local cheese every week with your share, or with your half share. We source the cheese exclusively from independent family owned creameries in Western, PA.

We are offering packages of cheese for $7.50. Total cost for 8oz of cheese for 22 weeks is 165.00, and 85.00 for bi-weekly half share members for 11 weeks.
Below is the list of cheeses we're offering during this season.

1. “Homesteader” – Pasture Maid Creamery, New Castle, PA    Semi-soft cow’s milk cheese with mild sweet cream flavor, a simple and versatile raw milk “farmers-style” cheese great for snacking, pizza, lasagna, and more
2. “ Fresh Chèvre" Goat Rodeo, Allison Park, PA. Fresh Chèvre is smooth and creamy with notes of sun warmed fields and a hint of lemon. Spread on a fresh baguette and a great addition to any recipe.
3. “Meadow Delight” - Pasture Maid Creamery, New Castle, PA o Semi-soft cow’s milk cheese with a high-moisture content and a hint of tang; a Colby-style cheese made of raw milk, very versatile, a milder Mild Cheddar substitute
4. “ More Cowbell" Goat Rodeo, Allison Park. A soft ripened cheese with a snowy white rind and straw colored paste made with beautiful cow’s milk from nearby Le-Ara Farms. The soft creamy interior has earthy flavors of butter and button mushrooms. At 10oz it’s a perfect size for sharing. Enjoy with sauvignon blanc or crisp cider.
5. “Kiss of Kerry" Pasture Maid Creamery, New Castle, PA. A rich but mild cheddar with a slight Kerry tanginess to it. Produced with milk from Kerry cows.
6. “Frew Mill Fire" Pasture Maid Creamery, New Castle, PA. Pepper jack cheese made with dried red and green jalapenos. Spicy!
7. “Bruschedda” – Clover Creek Cheese Cellar, Williamsburg, PA. We love the taste of fresh from the garden tomatoes, homegrown basil, and a touch of garlic. What could be tastier than this complete flavor of Bruschedda sliced on top of a freshly toasted baguette? Everyone comments, “Wow, that is good!” We love it melted on an open-faced sandwich, cubed in salads, and mixed with eggs for breakfast.
8. “Galen's Good Old” – Clover Creek Cheese Cellar, Williamsburg, PA. We named this smooth, rich cheese after the man who helped us build our cheese plant. Galen’s Good Old is a secret recipe and procedure from our cheese consultant, based on the famous Gouda from Amsterdam. Once you taste it, you’ll know what great farmstead cheese tastes like. Its smooth texture and great taste combine to please any palate. You will never return to store-bought cheese.
9. “Cheddar” – Clover Creek Cheese Cellar, Williamsburg, PA. Combined with a mixed breed herd of cows that give us the right butterfat and protein we created a different taste. Our Cheddar is aged only 2 to 3 months to create a smooth and mild cheddar.
10. “Chickabiddy" Goat Rodeo, Allison Park, PA. A short 6oz pyramid made from goat’s milk with a beautiful white bloomy rind. Flavors of mushrooms, wildflowers and white pepper are combined with a crumbly center and fudgy creamline. The clean taste pairs well with dry sparkling wines.
11. “Cheese Curds” Pasture Maid Creamery, New Castle, PA.
Great for snacking or cooking. Cheese curds have about the same firmness and density as cheese, but with a springy or rubbery texture. Fresh curds squeak against the teeth when bitten into, a defining characteristic due to air trapped inside the porous material. The curds have a mild flavor and are sometimes somewhat salty.

Organic Shade Grown Coffee CSA

We are partnering with Building New Hope and El Porvenir Coffee Cooperative.
Building New Hope http://www.buildingnewhope.org
is based in Pittsburgh and has only a few part-time employees adding up to one full-time person! This premium coffee is certified organic, shade grown, and environmentally sustainable with farmers being paid more than world fair trade prices. It comes from El Porvenir, a worker owned organic farm cooperative in Nicaragua, distributed by Building New Hope, a Pittsburgh based non-profit, and roasted weekly and locally by 19 Coffee Company.
Here are some of the highlights that stood out for us about Building New Hope: Building New Hope is a volunteer-driven nonprofit organization based in Pittsburgh, PA and Nicaragua. In Nicaragua, Building New Hope partners with the worker-owned coffee cooperative, operates two schools for at-risk youth, and sponsors high school scholarships. In Pittsburgh, Building New Hope engages with local schools, faith groups, farmers, and businesses to spread awareness about and appreciation for the culture, coffee, and communities in Central America.
We will have your coffee in vacuum sealed bags every other week at your pickup site, for a total of 11 weeks. It is ground coffee and in 12 oz. packages. The cost is: $126.50 for Regular (11.50 per 12 oz. package)  or $137.50 for Decaf ( 12.50 per 12 oz. package)
Included Extras
  • On-Farm and R.A.W. Training members will have access to local meats (free range whole chickens, grass-fed beef, and pastured pork) from two other local farmers. You will be notified when these become available in the weekly newsletter. 
  • Weekly Newsletter (Weekly update on farm/crop/employee progress, “vegetable of the week” post-harvest handling info, recipe of the week)
  • Annual CSA Farm Tour ( All members of our CSA program are invited to our farm each year. We farm three different farms all within 4 miles of our home farm. The large group is split up into three different groups. Each group will then go to their designated farms and take an educational hayride lead by one of us farmers. This is a very popular event that members look forward to in July.