Harvest Valley Farms Employment
All employees are interviewed prior to being hired
(Must be at least 16 yrs old) 
On-Farm Employment

Farm Field Crew Worker (Seasonal)

Harvest Valley Farms Field Crew Workers are part of a diverse labor crew at the farm.  Crew workers do just about anything that needs to be done at that very moment.  The position includes , but is not limited to, planting, harvesting, washing, packing, weeding, and general high tunnel or field labor.  This position requires you to be able to get your hands dirty and physically work hard.

Farm Field Crew Worker (Seasonal Internship) 

Harvest Valley Farms also offers seasonal internships for individuals wanting to learn more about a working sustainable produce farm and gain experience.  Our interns mainly work on the farm which include a multitude of jobs such as planting, harvesting, washing, packing, weeding, and high tunnel or field work in general.  If needed, on-farm housing is available and would be incorporated into the internship position.  All intern positions are paid and are a full-time position from start to finish.

To apply for this position, please send resume to Dave King

 Farm Market & Bakery Employment
Market Cashier

Harvest Valley Farms Market and Bakery cashiers not only check customers out but also restock items in the store when needed.  Cashiers are not required to, but are encouraged to, work on the farm, on their days off, in order to gain proper knowledge of how and where the produce they are handling is grown and harvested prior to arriving to them at the market.  Past experience is not required but availability is important.

Market Assistant Manager

The Assistant Manager is a full-time position.  It requires excellent people skills as well as management skills.  This individual works alongside the Market Manger and has the ability to run the market when the Manager is not scheduled to work.