Online Store

Online plant sales are now closed for the season.  We want to thank everyone for participating and we WILL be doing it the same way starting this spring and expanding!

 We will be having the remainder of our greenhouse plants available for sale at our Farm Market & Bakery on Rt 8 in Gibsonia for %10 off starting Saturday, May 23rd at 10am!

Farmers Markets

Farmers' Market Customers can shop online starting this spring and pick up at the farmers markets!  Schedules of ordering are as follows:

Monroeville : Monday 12pm (noon) to Wednesday 12pm (noon)
Forest Hills: Monday 12pm (noon) to Wednesday 10am
Lawrenceville:  Friday 12pm to Saturday 12am (midnight)

The store will be updated weekly, so be sure to check back every week for updates!

‚ÄčIf you have any questions, please see "contact us" above.